Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've an excuse I swear

Hey there ,

So firstly I'm sorry, sorry for vanishing, sorry for breaking my promise to write a blog regularly sorry for just sucking at this but I've had a lot going on with my life.

At the end of the summer some of you will know I was studying to sit my exams which I had missed in May due to being in hospital, well during that period I had a really rough time with personal stuff at home, it wasn't nice and was very difficult to just move on but as you guys know when times are tough you kinda have to just deal with them, not let them hurt you, affect you or break you up inside. Usually I am very good at doing these things but this time I found it incredibly difficult and kinda went into a personal hibernation for a number of weeks. I needed to deal with issues at home and found it very hard to speak to anyone about it. Of course karma being karma my exams happened at the same time which was possibly the worst thing to happen yet in some way the best. I found it horrible to concentrate on the exams, focus on doing well, because basically l had lost all faith in my ability to do well. The good news is I passed and I am in 2nd year now.

I wont go any more into what happened because lets be honest here this is a beauty blog and the above has nothing to do with being beautiful. I would like to say one thing which I believe is important to be beautiful. When things are tough its okay to cry, to feel, to love, to hate just remember to smile at the end of it because even though it may of been a horrible time YOU got through it and thats something special. We all have days when we feel alone, vulnerable and lost, trust me its normal but your never alone! 

I turned 20 last month, passed my exams , started second year, got a new job, moved into my own place and started learning about who I am in the space of 3 weeks.  It's a lot, its scary, its emotional, its worrying, its stressful, its sad, but most of all its mine! I can close my front door every night and not feel I've lost control thats a feeling I haven't been able to shift for a very very long time and its incredible. 

I guess this post is strange, perhaps many of you will of stopped reading it by now but if your still here, thank you ! you guys have been amazing and I appreciate each and every one of you, for your individuality.

Please remember beauty is the strength you hold within and thats something only you have control over