Friday, May 14, 2010

Follow their yellow brick road :)

Hello Dolls,

I taught I would talk about a few of my favorite blogs and give these lovelies a shout out, and share the love :)

So lets do mmmmmm........FIVE..

Number One:
This is Susan's little blog of magic. She has only just re-launched her blog and its so beautiful (I'm addicted).Susan is also an incredibly beautiful women and one of the nicest out there. I will confess that I do know Susan in the real world, and have known her for some time, she lives quite close to me but due to college and the like I haven't seen her in a little while but I am really looking forward to our shopping spree and expect some joint collaborations :).. Even if I didn't know Susan I'd still love her blog.

Number Two:
This is the wonderful Amy's blog. I'm sure you all know about her but I really love this website and she is a wonderful woman. There isn't much more I can add ti this except, AMY. YOU. ARE .A .LEG-END!!

Number Three:
This is the gorgeous Laura's blog and of course you already problerly know all about the success story that is Laura,(If you don't what stone have you been living under??) but through all of her success she appears to be still a normal London lass which is wonderful. Love this blog and I am sure you all do to.

Number Four:
This is the gorgeous Lee's blog. Lee is an Irish lass who has a wonderful blog full of fashion, beauty and just FUN! It's the perfect blog to get lost in for hours.

Number Five:
Last but certainly not least is the beautiful Gemma's blog. There really isn't very much I can say about this blog except its PERFECT! Gemma is (cheese alert) a gem, Love reading her blog and watching her you tube videos

So there you have it, five must view blog's, honestly I could continue for a very very long time and give you a huge list but I taught I would share the love with five to start.
The time that these girls but into there blogs is amazing and passionate and for that I love you ;).

What are your favorite blogs? Leave a comment below I'm always on the look out for a new addiction, maybe your blog will be my next.....

Thanks my flowers



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