Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday face of the day (beware there is a lot of pitures)

Heya Doll's

So its Sunday, the most relaxing day of the week in my opinion there is something about Sundays that screams, cups of teas and day time telly, or is that just me....MMMM....

So as I have already mentioned I have been ill for a few weeks and today is the first day I've decided to put a bit of make-up on to cheer myself up a bit.

I'm going to see a friend a bit later for a hour, manly to get out of the house for a bit and start getting back to normal.

For this make-up look I opted for soft pink lips and cheeks and soft smoky eyes...

The products I used in this look.
The mascara lash Build natural collection
Body-shop Eyebrow Kit
My Lips (Why do lip pics look odd?)
Natural Collection -Carribbean Crush
And Mabelline - Ambre Rose
Cheek Colour
Blush from H&M hello kitty Pallet
Matt brown from hello kitty, Willow and sea shell from natural collections
Pennys/Primark Kabuki Brush

Crown BK dual length powder, Mac SE 190, Mac SE 227, Mac SBlockquoteE 212, Mac 217 (Sorry there dirty but I had just used them on this look)
And the strange pose finish.....TADA

So there you have it, if you would like a review or anything on any of these products please Just comment below.

Sorry about the zillion pictures

Have a great Sunday evening

Thanks my flowers



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