Monday, May 17, 2010

Line those Lippies

Hey doll's

So today I taught I would share my lip liners with you just because I was a bit puzzled about what else I could post about and this felt like a nice easy post and then I tried to take pictures, with a HD camera, of swatches of Lip liners swatched on a hand that that is full of little needle holes from being in Hospital.


Anyway, moving on, swiftly ............

I own four lip liners, one mac, one gosh and two natural collections.
'Becky show me the bleeding liners, stop the typing, show the pictures' I hear you say...


First up- Mac's Lip Pencil - Dervish
NEXT We have Gosh Velvet touch - Waterproof - Peach Pearl
Next Natural Collection - Ruby Rose
Last but not least we have - Natural Collection - Almond
And altogether now

So there you have it My lovely's there you have it, although you prob found that really very boring I hope it well wasted some time for you ;)

Thanks my flowers



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