Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not that this girl needed any make-up but...

Hey Doll's,

Today while still in my Jammies my best friend text me asking would I mind doing her make-up for her as she is going on a big night out in our local night club.

As she request and she is a nice girl and I do happen to love her I agreed and we have just finished the finished look .

Christine gives you a little smile :)
Showing you her eyes
giving you that model side view
Far away closed eye look

I can post what products where used if requested or if you would like to know how I created this just ask away my loves.

Thank you my flowers



  1. would love to know how what eyeshadows you used... her makeup is beautiful xx

  2. Three natural collection eyeshadow hunni , Willow, Snow storm and sea shell, a Isa Dora Triple eyeshadow pallet in 02 Golden Cacao( I used the matte brown) and a TINY bit of Inglot Black eyeshadow...Thanks lovely xxxxx